Project Showcase

Reading Blaster Kindergarten

Knowledge Adventure became famous for its Math Blaster and Reading Blaster franchises so I felt highly honored to lead the Reading Blaster Kindergarten educational game. I had worked on several titles which shipped successfully and sold very well, but as the lead artist I was able to work deeper behind the scenes from level and character design, to focus testing various builds of the game. The process of repeatedly refining the game development process by testing all throughout the development cycle made RBK an award magnet and a delight for many, many parents and young players.

Live With

Ignite Health won numerous accounts with clients who make medicine for HIV patients. The directors at Ignite Health wanted to show their support for the community of HIV patients by launching an animated series to engage and encourage them. After a few months of talking and planning amongst writers, directors, artists and account people Live With It was born. Live With It is a 5 episode series with each episode focusing on one character and his or her battle with accepting and living with HIV.

Wag Your Tail Entertainment

When Creation Nation Inc. founder Tammy Morrison, dreamed up a concept for a family entertainment series aimed at young children called “WUF” she called me. After a brief consultation to address the needs of Tammy’s business we launched an aggressive plan to produce an animated pilot for the web with colorful talking animal characters, spectacular illustrations and splashes of educational content. After a series of name changes the property ended up being dubbed “Wag Your Tail Entertainment”. Unfortunately the site has recently been decommissioned.


After being handpicked for a team to explore strategies and tactics for the launch of our team headed up several major online initiatives. In the span of about 2 years we produced numerous kid’s clubs for both licensed properties and our own franchises. The internet was at such an early stage we ended up exploring and discarding many ideas since there were so few revenue models to follow. However, out of that exploratory period came, Jurassic Park Ranger’s Club, KidSpace and our very own Joker Soaker! You can play both Joker Soaker and the Matching Game that we did for Take Our Daughters to Work Day here at the old site.

Ignite Health Moving Announcement

The orange county based medical advertising agency, Ignite Health, grew at leaps and bounds ever since the day they formed. The directors wanted to do something special to announce their move from San Juan Capistrano to Irvine so we drafted up plans to produce an eCard with a humorous animation and mini flash game. The team dedicated to this project finished in just 3 short weeks, in time for the move and scored big laughs with clients and colleagues for many months following the big announcement. Play it here!


Eugene Kim, owner/ operator of the Frostbites Frozen Desserts shops decided to update his site for the grand opening of a new location. We worked on a plan to refresh his site in some creative and fun aways and implement social media and admin tools that would allow him to alter the site dynamically after I had completed the redesign. Everything was nearly finished when we saw the opportunity to use the art assets to make a matching game. The site launched successfully and the game has been a nice addition to a beautifully crafted design. It's available to play in the Games and Video Gallery.

International Dating for Men

Entrepreneur and owner of multiple businesses, Mark Edward Davis began an ambitious campaign to reinvent the international dating scene. We met and worked intensely to explore and develop an identity and branding for International Dating for Men. The site launch was successful and featured podcasts, information products in the form of eBooks and membership opt-ins forms. The site also integrated with the complex backend of a popular introduction. All of this was built in the span of about 4 months.

Excalibur Apps Web Launch

Mark Edward Davis began another online initiative and I once again had the privilege of exploring branding and identity for a startup. We drafted up tactics for motion graphics, online marketing and coordinated with mobile developers all to prepare for the launch of Excalibur Apps.

Concept Art

Conceptual design means different things to different departments. Most projects go through a conceptual phase where the final product is channeled through a series of descriptions, rough sketches and mock ups. The attached designs are explorations for the main characters of games in their early phases.

The top two hero and heroine pair were drafted for a game concept called “Pump Boy”, featuring a hero who is a diabetic and is able to resolve insulin dosing challenges that arrive from a constantly changing schedule with his insulin pump. The second pair were done as concepts for the Math Blaster redesign for Knowledge adventure.

Sarah 3D project

3D animation wasn’t always as popular as it is now. Even when computers helped create video games and animated content they were still mainly a result of hand keyed elements. As I saw the beginnings of full CG productions I felt my relevance to the game and animation industries drift. I acquainted myself with Michele Bousquet’s Model, Rig, Animate and Jason Osipa’s book, Stop Staring, among others, to try and transfer my illustration and animation skills into 3D.

This model is one of the exercises I did to put what I learned into practice. Sarah was modeled in 3DS Max and rigged with the powerful set of Autodesk’s rigging tools. I have since picked up Cinema 4D for modeling and animation.

Mealtime Hero Mobile Game

A highly experimental game that's being worked on by Stephen Weber and I for iOS. We're a few builds in to it so far and have a solid working prototype. We're developing it in Adobe Flash CS5! It's not available for download just yet!


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